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Our History

In 1971, at the age of 30, Lester L Hudgins Jr. started a small general contracting business in Newport News, Virginia.

That business grew over the next twenty years to become a major force in the private commercial, municipal and government construction industry in Hampton Roads. In the early nineteen nineties, the economic downturn took its toll on the construction industry and Hudgins Construction ceased work as a general contractor and became Hudgins Contracting Corporation, a subcontractor specializing in site preparation and infrastructure. The company’s focus became expansion and further development of the site work they had done over the past the twenty years in the areas of private commercial, municipal and government construction.

After another two decades of steady growth as a site contractor and as part of the company’s succession plan, Mr. Hudgins began focusing on his management team to insure the continuation of the company he had worked so hard to build. His primary goal was to ensure that long term employees were secure in their jobs and the management team was prepared to weather the changes of an uncertain economy and a changing industry.

Hudgins Contracting stands today as a testament to Mr. Hudgins and all the employees who have given so many years to the growth and evolution of a company built on the founding principles of honesty, integrity, fair dealing and hard work. Hudgins Contracting exists in no small part to the skill, hard work and loyalties of an exceptional work force that can rightly have pride in the company they helped build.