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At Hudgins, we take our commitment to safety seriously.

Our corporate safety policy includes an active, comprehensive Safety Program as well as compliance with all safety regulations and guidelines. Employees and subcontractors must adhere to the requirements of this policy.

We work diligently to keep our own premises safe for employees and visitors in addition to ensuring that all jobsites are kept as safe as possible throughout our involvement in each project.

Corporate Commitment to Safety

Safety in all Hudgins Contracting Corp.’s operations is not just a corporate goal, it is a requirement!

It is a condition of employment with Hudgins Contracting Corp. that all employees adhere faithfully to the requirements of this policy, as well as the safety rules, instructions and procedures issued in conjunction with it. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action as outlined in our policy.

It is a condition of all subcontracts issued by Hudgins Contracting Corp. that this policy and the safety rules, instructions and procedures issued in conjunction with it, as well as all applicable state, federal and local codes and regulations be adhered to. Failure to comply is a breach of contract terms.

All visitors to any Hudgins Contracting Corp. operation, including but not limited to suppliers, Owner representatives, agents of the Architect or Engineer, regulatory authorities and insurance company representatives shall be required to follow all safety rules and regulations in effect during their visit.

Hudgins Contracting Corp. will make an effort to ensure that the operations of subcontractors under our control do not endanger the safety of our employees. To this end, all employees are required to report hazardous activities of other employees to appropriate Hudgins Contracting Corp. officials.

The Safety Director, Superintendents and Foremen all have the full support of management in enforcing the provisions of this policy as it relates to responsibilities assigned to them.

Our Safety Program

Hudgins’ commitment to safety is paramount to our success. A drug-free workplace, employee training, risk identification, hazard assessment, accident investigation, and accountability are all key principles that help Hudgins maintain a safe work environment for our employees.

Accident Investigation

Safety incidents and workplace accidents are investigated immediately to determine the cause and to identify steps to avoid repeat incidents of a similar nature. Likewise, safety inspections with deficiencies, even minor, are tracked to ensure deficiencies have been corrected.

Blood Borne Pathogens

As a means of complying with the Blood Borne Pathogens Standard 29CFR 1910.1030, Hudgins Contracting Corp. established a BBP Exposure Control Plan to minimize and prevent, when possible, the exposure of our employees to disease-causing microorganisms.

Confined Space Entry

We evaluate the confined spaces that our employees are likely to encounter. These spaces include storm and sewer systems, certain excavations and other underground structures. Our Confined Space Entry Plan is intended to provide guidance in meeting the requirements of both the General Industry Standard and the Virginia Construction Confined Space Standard, but most importantly to provide for the safety of our employees.

Drug-Free Workplace

Hudgins Contracting Corp. is committed to the maintenance of a drug-free workplace. As an employer, we have the desire to protect our employees and the public from drug-related incidents that may occur in the course of our business operations. To meet this goal Hudgins participates in a mandatory drug testing program, for all employees, which encompasses pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident testing.

Employee Training

Safety awareness begins on DAY ONE with employee orientation. All new hires are issued the Hudgins Safety Plan and receive training specific to our industry as well as general construction safety training. After 30 days on the job, key elements of our Safety Plan are reviewed once again with all new hires by their supervisor. In addition, employees are trained in the following areas, and training records for each employee are maintained in the office.

  • CPR / First Aid / Blood Borne Pathogens
  • OSHA-10
  • Trenching and Excavation (Competent Person Part 1)
  • Confined Space Safety (Competent Person Part 2)
  • Responsible Land Disturber Certification
  • VDOT Certified Escort
  • NASA Safety
  • Laser Safety / Ladder Safety / Fire Protection Safety / Hearing Protection

Excavation and Trenching

Excavation and Trenching is a large part of our work. In accordance with OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1926, Subpart P, Hudgins developed an Excavation and Trenching Plan to ensure the proper protection of its employees who are required to work in and around trenches and excavations.

Hazard Assessment

Hudgins superintendents conduct a survey of the site to determine potential hazards. Elements considered include equipment to be used, work to be performed and site conditions. Employees are also encouraged to report any hazards they may encounter at a jobsite. Equipment service requests are called in and tracked until the machine is repaired. Preventive maintenance keeps our equipment running properly and reduces downtime. Properly maintaining equipment also helps reduce accidents.

Hazard Communication / MSDS

Hudgins’ Hazard Communication Program was established to provide employees with important information on potential workplace hazards and to arm the employee with the tools to use the information if they should ever need it. Part of the Hazard Communication Plan is the maintenance of our MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for all hazardous materials with which our employees may come in contact during their day-to-day work.

Hearing Conservation

Hudgins Contracting Corp. has established a Hearing Conservation Plan in order to provide guidance to our employees to prevent damage or injury to their hearing ability. This plan explains the means and methods that have been adopted at Hudgins Contracting Corp. to protect all employees from the effects of high noise levels known to be present on occasion on our premises and at our work sites.

Lockout / Tag-out Control

Employees are trained to recognize the sources of hazardous energy that they may be exposed to in the course of their duties and the common controls and signs indicating that hazardous energy controls are in place. The Lockout / Tag-out Control Plan establishes the minimum requirements for locking out and/or tagging out energy-isolating devices and the positive control of potentially hazardous energy. As part of their training, employees are guided through scenarios that are applicable to their day-to-day operation and how lockout / tag-out may be applied to them.

Safety Inspections

Hudgins believes in providing a safe work environment for our employees. We employ an independent consultant to perform random, unannounced safety inspections of our jobsites. This inspection process is an educational tool for our employees to learn to work safer.

Tool Box Talks

Meeting Minutes are provided to every Superintendent and Foreman for use as discussion outlines for meetings held weekly at each active jobsite. Topics are chosen based on current scopes of work, recent industry standards and safety matters relevant to our trade.